Rules and Regulations

All Parents are expected to adhere with the following rules:

Children’s Class Uniform

Although there is no designated uniform for the after noon Qur’aan classes, students are expected to dress modestly in accordance with Islamic guidelines. We would highly recommend boys with a thawb of white colour and girls with a black abaya and black hijaab.


  • Fees are to be payable in full term in advance, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE NUMBER OF SESSIONS YOUR CHILD ATTENDS.
  • Parents are requested to remit the fees in a sealed envelope mentioning the full name of the child and the amount on it.

Punctuality and Attendance

  • Lessons will be running on Tuesday and Thursday. The session starts from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.
  • Parents need to bring and collect their children on time. The side door will be opened 5 minutes before the class start and will be closed 10 minutes after. We do not take any responsibility to open the door within the class time. Since, such lateness disrupts pupils’ learning.
  • Children are released by the teacher upon seeing the parent. All parents must come and stay outside when picking up their children.
  • Parents who collect their children any later than 10 minutes after the class is dismissed, will be subject to a fine of £1. This will be implemented immediately and all proceeds will go to charity.


  • Punctuality is essential and minimises disruption in lessons. Good attendance is vital, ensuring continuity and progression of learning and work.
  • Qa’idah/Qur’aan should be brought to class everyday otherwise your child will not have new lesson for that day.


  • We would request parents to park their car sensibly so as to minimise congestion at this busy time of the day.

Dropping and Picking off your child Parent should make sure that they drop their child/ren while parking sensibly in the side road of Green Lane. Parents are not allowed to STOP their car in the middle of the road when dropping off their child/ren. We wont be able to accommodate parents who are showing poor responsibility towards the safety of their children.

The above rules are subject to change from time to time.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation on these matters as they are essential for the smooth running of the Madrasah.


If you have any specific queries or concerns, please Contact Us.