Below are a selection of useful resources parents can make use of for their children.

Qai’dah and Qur’an Reading Support

(A basic support guide for parents who wants to help their children in Qur’an and Qai’dah reading/memorisation)

Ahsanul Qawaaid:

To support your child in the Qai’dah reading, please follow the link below. It is an an interactive Ahsanul Qawaaid which mean that you can virtually turn the page where your child’s lesson is:

You may also go on You Tube and type ” LEARN TAJWEED”. You will find most of the Ahsanul Qawaaid for your child to listen and read.

Arabic Reading Topics (Concept by Concept)

The following link is a concept by concept Arabic phonics. If you know the concept your child is learning, then you can support him/her by following the link below:

Quran Reading & Memorisation

Follow the link below to support your child to read or memorise the holy Qur’an. Click on “OPTIONS” if you want the Ayah (verse) to be repeated as many time as you wish.


We will add more support in terms of Arabic reading and writing in a near future insha Allah.

 Useful Advise on Raising Children by Ibn Qayyim