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Our Aims

Ajwah Academy aims to provide a fresh approach to learning the Holy Qur’aan, Arabic and Islamic Studies. Our approach aims to engage children in their learning with clear expectations and targets for improvement. This has led to children making rapid progress at our academy.

Our Curriculum

We are now pleased to offer the opportunity for other children to benefit from this approach. The program of study includes:

  • Qur’aan reading with the accurate Makhaarij.
  • Tajweed al-Qur’aan
  • Hifdh (Memorisation of Surahs)
  • Adi’yah and Adhkaar (daily supplications)
  • Aadaab al Islamiyyah (Islamic manners and etiquettes)
  • Qasas al-Anbiyaa (stories of the prophets (‘alayhi musalaam)
  • Short Ahaadith

Class Size

We accommodate an average of 5 to 8 children to one teacher. In this way, pupils’ learning becomes more effective because they benefit from a personalised approach. Small group size is vital to provide a more personalised attention to the students from their respective teachers.

Monitoring Each Child’s Progress

There will be a formative ongoing assessment to measure the progress of your child in his/her Hifdh, Qur’aan or Qa’idah, Adhkaar/Dua’s and Hadith lessons. Furthermore, from time to time, a short test will be given to know your child’s ability and understanding on a particular topic or concept.


Our Fees is currently £ 3.50 per hour. Fees are paid per term in advance irrespective of the number of sessions attended. Their is a discount of around £15.00 for siblings(second child). This is based on the amount of sessions per term.


All our teachers are well qualified and experience in their particular field. We make sure to perform a DBS check on all our teachers. Teachers are recruited based on their subject knowledge and experience in working with children. Makhaarij is one of the major criteria before any teachers can take a professional role in Ajwah Academy. In addition to that, we provide courses for our teachers to support their professional development and also to make sure that the curriculum is covered while engaging children in their learning.


We’re located in the Mayfield School. For our full address please see our Contact page.

Starting date

The course will start at the beginning of each term: September, January and April.

Class Days

Classes run on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at Mayfield School, Pedley Road, Dagenham. RM8 1XE.


Session starts at 5:00pm and ends at 7: 00pm.


For a unique opportunity to learn Qur’aan in a professional manner with an atmosphere focused on learning under the tutelage of qualified and highly experienced teachers, please register by clicking here.